Achieving the All-Elusive Male Double Orgasm

The female body is a mystery (sometimes even to women themselves). There is no other way to explain how women can experience multiple orgasms in one sexual session that can last more than 20 seconds while men only have seconds of pleasure followed by the need to take a nap (Read: How to do Oral Sex on Your Girl Properly). However, this isn’t entirely true as Taoists discovered thousands of years ago. With a few techniques for a double orgasm in men, any man can achieve multiple orgasms and make their sex lives so much better and achieve the Taoist goals of vitality.

The first thing that Taoism teaches is to control your sexual energy to achieve not only multiple but full body orgasms as well. This includes mastering your arousal and controlling each stage so as to be able to stay in the hardness stage for longer and not cross over into the heat stage where ejaculation happens. This is the stage we will be talking about and giving you tips to help you join the exclusive club of multi-orgasmic men (and this is a very exclusive club). To get double or hopefully multiple orgasms, you need to stop yourself from ejaculating. In theory this should be easy since orgasm comes just on the precipice of ejaculation, so you cum first before you ejaculate more. The difficult part is stopping the wave once you have already got there. The following techniques will help you get that double orgasm.

1. Breathing exercises

Controlling your breathing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your sex life, control your ejaculation and achieve multiple orgasms. When you are on the verge of ejaculating, your breath rate increases but if you can slow it down you can prevent ejaculation to last longer and experience double orgasm. Breathing from your belly or diaphragm will help keep you in control.

2. Kegel exercises

Ladies swear by Kegels to stay in shape below the panty line and this is the same solution to achieving multiple orgasms for men. Kegel exercises strengthen PC muscles which are used to stop urine flow and to shut off the valves or pump after you orgasm just before ejaculation. This will help you have better control over your orgasms and stop ejaculation so you can have multiple orgasms.

3. Practice

Taoists call this self-cultivation and refers to masturbation without ejaculating. It is essentially deeper than usual masturbation as you take time to learn experience and understand all your stages of arousal and control them so you can stay in the hardness stage for longer. When doing this, stimulate every area of your manhood from the tip to your balls and even the perineum which is essentially the G-spot for men. Track your erection noticing your arousal levels and heartbeat speed and when you get to ejaculating, stop and take a deep breath and rest. Let your arousal get a little less and then start again and repeat until you can’t take it anymore. This will build your self-control and help you in becoming a multi-orgasmic man.

These techniques for a double orgasm in men are really simple, but need you to really concentrate keep at it and in no time you will see major changes in your life and in your stamina.

Why a Thick Dick in Your Pants and Mind is Important


The discussion on the size of the manhood is as obscene as it ever gets across different cultures the world over. However, the truth of the matter is the size of the dick matters way more than people care to admit. In fact, a thick dick in your pants is a comfort to the soul and mind of many young men. Why a thick dick in your pants and mind is vital remains largely unexplored matter in the society. Therefore, in this view, the following are five reasons why a thick dick in your pants and mind is important especially in a relationship.

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Optimized Pleasure

A thick dick is optimized for functioning for fun. The thickness creates increased friction between the walls of the vagina and itself enhancing pleasurable feelings during sex. Typically, women perceive thicker dicks as more satisfying. In turn, this will lead to heightened sexual feelings all the more adding to the pleasure.

Male Confidence Booster

Secondly, men naturally gain a boost of confidence when they have a thick dick because it reflects on their ego. They feel that they have a better and more capable of delivering intense sexual action. The idea behind such notions is that when you have a thick dick, it will quickly stimulate and “massage” the nerve endings located on the left and right side of the female repro system. The female gets aroused early enough and will think of the male as a better lover. It, in turn, builds a stronger relationship; both social and sexual, between the partners. The bond increases and each party feels part of the relationship since needs are satisfied in all dimensions.

Heightened Sexual Anticipation

A thick dick in mind is also important in that it psychologically prepares both parties for sex and this enhances the pleasure derived. The male is sure to satisfy the female and therefore has psyche to make love. It helps to remove feelings of shyness on the part of both parties. As they go into the act, the male is ready to satisfy the female. He feels more confident since naturally the male is perceived to be a stronger creature than the female and is tasked with the responsibility of fulfilling the needs of the female and ensuring that she feels proud being associated with that kind of a man.

Stronger Relationships

A man has a feeling of self-confidence when they have a thick dick in the head. They have a deep sense of feeling in the male species, and it gives them confidence in the company of their fellow men especially during discussions related to copulation. They even want to associate with people of the opposite sex and connect sexually unlike those with thin dicks who are shy in the company of females and rarely get married.

Physiological Advantage

A thick dick in the pants is very pleasurable during coitus as if fills the female vagina better than a thin one hence enhancing pleasure. With the movements of penetration of a thick dick, more areas such as the clitoris, labia or perineum are stimulated. Therefore, it makes it highly enjoyable for women. A thick dick generates more friction during penetration in comparison to a thin one hence optimizing sexual pleasure. Females would naturally prefer a thick dick because of its stimulation and satisfaction. Pleasure is stimulated by the movements of the penis during sexual interaction.

Oral Sex: How To Use Your Tongue To Give Your Woman Outstanding Pleasure in the Bedroom

Girl Waiting to be LickedYou are about to discover how to give your woman OUTSTANDING ORAL SEX. Most men don’t know how to give their woman really good oral sex but once you have read this article, you’ll know EXACTLY how to do it. And make no mistake – WOMEN LOVE ORAL SEX (but only when it’s done right).

Before we get into the specific techniques and different ways that you can use your tongue to give your woman SEXUAL PLEASURE, there are some general things that you should know about giving oral pleasure.

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Read these pointers carefully because they apply to all three of the oral sex techniques that you will learn later on in this article:

– Every woman is different, so you must pay attention to how YOUR woman responds to each of the different techniques. Chances are she will prefer one of the oral sex techniques over the others and that is the one that you should use most often with her.

– As you perform oral sex on your woman, be aware of her breathing, the noises she is making, how wet she gets, how quickly she comes and anything she says to you because these are your indicators as to how much she is enjoying the process.

– Some women like more pressure than others and some like more speed than others. BE PERCEPTIVE and work out which your woman likes best.

– No matter which of the three oral sex techniques you use, it pays to start off slowly. Get your woman turned on with lots of kissing and touching. Then tease her by licking her inner thighs and kissing and sucking the lips of her vagina. THEN PROCEED WITH THE ORAL TECHNIQUES…

Prepare to become an expert in the art of giving pleasure via the use of your tongue

Oral Technique #1:

Lick your woman’s clitoris using an UP AND DOWN MOTION. Vary the length, speed and pressure of the strokes until you find what she likes best. When she starts to shake, scream and moan – you know you’re doing it right!

Oral Technique #2:

This time lick your woman’s clitoris using a SIDE TO SIDE MOTION. Again, try different speeds, stroke lengths and pressure in order to find what your woman likes best.

Oral Technique #3:

This one is my personal favorite and is absolutely lethal when it comes to giving a woman an orgasm more powerful than anything she has ever experienced before.

If you want to blow your woman’s mind and have her call you “THE BEST SHE’S EVER HAD” – be sure to try this.

So there you have it – three great ways to use your tongue to give your woman INCREDIBLE amounts of sexual pleasure. Try them out tonight and let me know how you get on.

Fertility Issues? Increase Sperm Count Naturally!

Ingredients to Boost Sperm CountLow sperm count is among the leading causes of infertility in guys. Therefore, it is vital for every dude to know how to boost his sperm count naturally and to have sufficient knowledge about factors that results in low sperm count in guys.

Factors That Lead to Low Sperm Count

Some of the main factors that lead to low sperm count include:

· Stress

· Obesity

· Smoking

· Some STD’s

· Hormonal problems

· Unbalanced diets

· Hereditary factors

· Lack of semen ejaculation

· Exposure of the scrotum to extreme heat

· Some antibiotics and drugs that attack the sperm cells

Now let’s look at ways to boost your sperm count:

1. Consuming Healthy Fats

Studies show that oxidative stress and dietary stress can significantly reduce your sperm count. For example, in 2007, experts at the University of Newcastle emphasized the need for consuming healthy fats. They found that polyunsaturated fats give sperm the “food” they require to produce a fluid plasma membrane – affecting the movement of sperm, the shape of sperm, and fertility.

Sadly, polyunsaturated fats are especially susceptible to oxidative stress. Different lifestyle choices that boost the oxidative load in your body include activities such as drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, and smoking. Hence, it is important to find a good source of polyunsaturated fats to supplement your diet.

2. Improving Your Diet

Consuming plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains can help increase your sperm count. Also avoid coffee, tea, foods with artificial additives, and refined carbohydrates because they can affect your sperm count.

In addition, maintain your perfect weight. Food deficiency in guys leads to a decrease in sex drive and structural alteration to reproductive organ leading to low sperm count. On the other hand, obesity can be linked to impotence and low sperm count – may be because of higher temperature originating from excess fat surrounding the testes.

3. Reducing Stress

Stress is an emotional condition that occurs when life events overwhelm an individual. High levels of stress lead to serious health issues including fertility problems.

The following stress coping methods will aid to prevent the probability of a low sperm count as well as increase sperm health in gentlemen.

· Meditation – Research shows that frequent meditation changes your brain’s neural process to be suppler to stress.

· Breathing deeply – Breathing deeply slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure, hence reducing stress.

· Smiling – Lightening up your world by reading or watching comics, listening to jokes, and social networking will aid to reduce stress, thus increase sperm count.

· Resting – Sleep deprivation’s issues outweigh its benefits. Never try to stimulate sleeping through drugs or pills. Whenever you feel stressed or tired, you should rest instead of forcing yourself to meet a demand or target. Rest can really boost your sperm count.

4. Being Hydrated

Water is very important for the optimal metabolism of a living thing. Every dude requires about four liters of water every day to prevent dehydration of the body, and hence prevent cases of low sperm count.

5. Avoiding Sugary Drinks

Alcoholic and sugary drinks should be avoided because they are high in calories and unhealthy. About two liters of healthful drinks such as fruit juices and yogurts are recommended for guys wanting to boost their sperm count, and hence be fertile.

Shocking, several lifestyle choices impact your sperm quantity, quality, as well as delivery. These are choices that you should change to boost your sperm count – such as your stress levels, exposure to recreational or industrial toxins, and the foods you eat.