Impressive Ways on How to Blow Your Load Accross the Room!

Big shot of come!Every man always wants to take the satisfaction to the next level, however, is difficult to experience big intense pleasure regularly. To take you and your little friend to connect with best sensations, here are seven ways to always feel pleasure.

1. Eat better

A healthy diet is underestimated by the majority of men but the reality is that switching your diet will help you to raise your testosterone levels and have a healthier sperm. Your diet should be high in protein and fat in lows consume fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, zinc and amino acids. Additionally, consuming a healthy diet will help you last longer.

2. Try Kegels

No, they are not only for women. Kegels have many benefits if you do it often. This exercise is key to improve sexual functioning. The main advantage of doing Kegels is that you achieve a stronger and longer erection, and you can control better your ejaculation. The exercise consists of the contraction of your pelvic floor muscle for three seconds and then release it for another three seconds and then repeat again, is recommendable to do three sets of ten repetitions regularly. It could take you at least three months to see results.

3. Heat Things UP

To reach your best level, you have to warm up the environment so you can try masturbating, practicing some romantic postures, probing with anal sex or with some erotic toys, trying some Kamasutra poses, and it will guarantee you an unforgettable moment of pleasure. Don’t be afraid of trying new things as you will discover ways on how to become a pornstar when it comes to your sexual abilities.

4. Enjoy and Breath

Normally people hold their breathe when they have orgasms, which is the worst because you stop the intensity of the orgasms itself. When you are having an orgasm, you have to breathe slowly and deeply as it will help you to expand it and experiment more satisfaction.

5. Don’t masturbate TOO Often

Even if you enjoy masturbating yourself at least once a day, it is not recommended that you abuse of masturbation as it can affect your sexual life and you can lose sensibility. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that the oxytocin levels rise higher in men during sex making them feel satisfied and motivated.

6. Don’t Drink or Smoke Excessively

A clean body will help you to have a better sex life, for that reason you have to reduce the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes because they have negative effects in your sperm production, as well as on you sperm quality. Studies have shown that alcohol affects and alter sperm’s composition. On the other side, smoking can cause problems at the moment of conceiving and it can also diminish your sexual desire significantly.

7. Take a Pause

Men like to do the majority of things quickly, but in this case taking your time is the only way you can feel better sensations. Delaying the pleasure and prolonging the feeling of arousal will make you experiment a powerful orgasm. The best way to do it is bringing yourself to the edge of the orgasm, slow down, take a pause, and recover your sexual energy, repeat this one or two times before your climax.

How to Increase the Size of Your Penis – Free Tips Inside

Hot Girl Wants a Big DickAre you afraid that you are below the average size of male erections? Do you wish that your equipment was a little larger – that you could feel more and enjoy intercourse better if you had a larger penis? Perhaps you suspect that your erection is not hard enough. Are you willing to learn how to increase the size of your penis? Here is what some successful men have done to increase the size of their penis:

1. Use the stretch method

This method has been around for ages and has been proven to work every time. You will get more gains on your flaccid size as opposed to your erect size when doing this exercise. To perform this exercise, ensure that you are in a flaccid state, if you try to carry out this exercise while erect you take the risk of causing damage.

Grab your penis right below the tip and gently pull it forward, once you feel like you have gotten a good stretch hold it for thirty seconds then relax. Shake it out and repeat the same thing but pull it to the right for thirty seconds, shake it out and do the same thing for the left. You can do this every day if you want.

2. Use the jelq method

This is another method that has been time tested and will work every time. This exercise will greatly increase the size of your erect penis as opposed to your flaccid penis. That is why using the stretch and the jelq together is the perfect combination.

To perform this exercise, you want to take your hand and make an OK sign with your thumb and index finger, now grab the base of your penis with the OK sign and slowly work your way up to the top. Switch hands and repeat for 6-10 minutes. Do this every two days.

3. Surgery

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is not limited to making old people look younger or giving flat-chested women bigger breasts.

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To increase the size of your penis, plastic surgeons usually use one of these two methods:

I. Girth Enlargement
They insert some extra material into your penis to make your penis thicker. While this method is reasonably successful, two major problems have been reported – loss of sensation and inability to perform penetrative intercourse.
II. Penis Lengthening
Some of the ligaments attaching your penis to your pubic bone are cut. This allows the 1/3 of your penis which is normally inside the body to hang out. Unfortunately, according to St. Peter’s Andrology Center in London, 70% of patients later said they were not happy with results. Many men who had their penis lengthened reported that they lost the ability to have erections.

Generally speaking, the method of male enhancement which rely on external agencies (like surgery, drugs, and devices) have shown themselves to be risky. It is safer to learn how to increase the size of your penis through exercise.

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4. Proper diet

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Lean, high-protein poultry is fantastic for this. You can eat skinless chicken breasts and turkey. Staying with the theme of protein, eat oily fish at least 2-3 times a day. Also include tuna, salmon, trout, sardines, and mackerel regularly in your diet.

Avoid foods high in starch, fat, and sugar. This will immediately effect your blood circulation as soon as they are consumed. Avoid fast foods and take-aways. Cream cakes, biscuits as they limit blood circulation of the body and this will hamper your efforts to increase the size of your penis.

Getting the right penis/dick will boost your self-confidence and will go a long in ensuring intimacy between the sheets is at the peak. Decide on the method that you will employ and get that monster that you have always dreamed of.

Why a Thick Dick in Your Pants and Mind is Important


The discussion on the size of the manhood is as obscene as it ever gets across different cultures the world over. However, the truth of the matter is the size of the dick matters way more than people care to admit. In fact, a thick dick in your pants is a comfort to the soul and mind of many young men. Why a thick dick in your pants and mind is vital remains largely unexplored matter in the society. Therefore, in this view, the following are five reasons why a thick dick in your pants and mind is important especially in a relationship.

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Optimized Pleasure

A thick dick is optimized for functioning for fun. The thickness creates increased friction between the walls of the vagina and itself enhancing pleasurable feelings during sex. Typically, women perceive thicker dicks as more satisfying. In turn, this will lead to heightened sexual feelings all the more adding to the pleasure.

Male Confidence Booster

Secondly, men naturally gain a boost of confidence when they have a thick dick because it reflects on their ego. They feel that they have a better and more capable of delivering intense sexual action. The idea behind such notions is that when you have a thick dick, it will quickly stimulate and “massage” the nerve endings located on the left and right side of the female repro system. The female gets aroused early enough and will think of the male as a better lover. It, in turn, builds a stronger relationship; both social and sexual, between the partners. The bond increases and each party feels part of the relationship since needs are satisfied in all dimensions.

Heightened Sexual Anticipation

A thick dick in mind is also important in that it psychologically prepares both parties for sex and this enhances the pleasure derived. The male is sure to satisfy the female and therefore has psyche to make love. It helps to remove feelings of shyness on the part of both parties. As they go into the act, the male is ready to satisfy the female. He feels more confident since naturally the male is perceived to be a stronger creature than the female and is tasked with the responsibility of fulfilling the needs of the female and ensuring that she feels proud being associated with that kind of a man.

Stronger Relationships

A man has a feeling of self-confidence when they have a thick dick in the head. They have a deep sense of feeling in the male species, and it gives them confidence in the company of their fellow men especially during discussions related to copulation. They even want to associate with people of the opposite sex and connect sexually unlike those with thin dicks who are shy in the company of females and rarely get married.

Physiological Advantage

A thick dick in the pants is very pleasurable during coitus as if fills the female vagina better than a thin one hence enhancing pleasure. With the movements of penetration of a thick dick, more areas such as the clitoris, labia or perineum are stimulated. Therefore, it makes it highly enjoyable for women. A thick dick generates more friction during penetration in comparison to a thin one hence optimizing sexual pleasure. Females would naturally prefer a thick dick because of its stimulation and satisfaction. Pleasure is stimulated by the movements of the penis during sexual interaction.