Impressive Ways on How to Blow Your Load Accross the Room!

Big shot of come!Every man always wants to take the satisfaction to the next level, however, is difficult to experience big intense pleasure regularly. To take you and your little friend to connect with best sensations, here are seven ways to always feel pleasure.

1. Eat better

A healthy diet is underestimated by the majority of men but the reality is that switching your diet will help you to raise your testosterone levels and have a healthier sperm. Your diet should be high in protein and fat in lows consume fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, zinc and amino acids. Additionally, consuming a healthy diet will help you last longer.

2. Try Kegels

No, they are not only for women. Kegels have many benefits if you do it often. This exercise is key to improve sexual functioning. The main advantage of doing Kegels is that you achieve a stronger and longer erection, and you can control better your ejaculation. The exercise consists of the contraction of your pelvic floor muscle for three seconds and then release it for another three seconds and then repeat again, is recommendable to do three sets of ten repetitions regularly. It could take you at least three months to see results.

3. Heat Things UP

To reach your best level, you have to warm up the environment so you can try masturbating, practicing some romantic postures, probing with anal sex or with some erotic toys, trying some Kamasutra poses, and it will guarantee you an unforgettable moment of pleasure. Don’t be afraid of trying new things as you will discover ways on how to become a pornstar when it comes to your sexual abilities.

4. Enjoy and Breath

Normally people hold their breathe when they have orgasms, which is the worst because you stop the intensity of the orgasms itself. When you are having an orgasm, you have to breathe slowly and deeply as it will help you to expand it and experiment more satisfaction.

5. Don’t masturbate TOO Often

Even if you enjoy masturbating yourself at least once a day, it is not recommended that you abuse of masturbation as it can affect your sexual life and you can lose sensibility. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that the oxytocin levels rise higher in men during sex making them feel satisfied and motivated.

6. Don’t Drink or Smoke Excessively

A clean body will help you to have a better sex life, for that reason you have to reduce the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes because they have negative effects in your sperm production, as well as on you sperm quality. Studies have shown that alcohol affects and alter sperm’s composition. On the other side, smoking can cause problems at the moment of conceiving and it can also diminish your sexual desire significantly.

7. Take a Pause

Men like to do the majority of things quickly, but in this case taking your time is the only way you can feel better sensations. Delaying the pleasure and prolonging the feeling of arousal will make you experiment a powerful orgasm. The best way to do it is bringing yourself to the edge of the orgasm, slow down, take a pause, and recover your sexual energy, repeat this one or two times before your climax.