Achieving the All-Elusive Male Double Orgasm

The female body is a mystery (sometimes even to women themselves). There is no other way to explain how women can experience multiple orgasms in one sexual session that can last more than 20 seconds while men only have seconds of pleasure followed by the need to take a nap (Read: How to do Oral Sex on Your Girl Properly). However, this isn’t entirely true as Taoists discovered thousands of years ago. With a few techniques for a double orgasm in men, any man can achieve multiple orgasms and make their sex lives so much better and achieve the Taoist goals of vitality.

The first thing that Taoism teaches is to control your sexual energy to achieve not only multiple but full body orgasms as well. This includes mastering your arousal and controlling each stage so as to be able to stay in the hardness stage for longer and not cross over into the heat stage where ejaculation happens. This is the stage we will be talking about and giving you tips to help you join the exclusive club of multi-orgasmic men (and this is a very exclusive club). To get double or hopefully multiple orgasms, you need to stop yourself from ejaculating. In theory this should be easy since orgasm comes just on the precipice of ejaculation, so you cum first before you ejaculate more. The difficult part is stopping the wave once you have already got there. The following techniques will help you get that double orgasm.

1. Breathing exercises

Controlling your breathing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your sex life, control your ejaculation and achieve multiple orgasms. When you are on the verge of ejaculating, your breath rate increases but if you can slow it down you can prevent ejaculation to last longer and experience double orgasm. Breathing from your belly or diaphragm will help keep you in control.

2. Kegel exercises

Ladies swear by Kegels to stay in shape below the panty line and this is the same solution to achieving multiple orgasms for men. Kegel exercises strengthen PC muscles which are used to stop urine flow and to shut off the valves or pump after you orgasm just before ejaculation. This will help you have better control over your orgasms and stop ejaculation so you can have multiple orgasms.

3. Practice

Taoists call this self-cultivation and refers to masturbation without ejaculating. It is essentially deeper than usual masturbation as you take time to learn experience and understand all your stages of arousal and control them so you can stay in the hardness stage for longer. When doing this, stimulate every area of your manhood from the tip to your balls and even the perineum which is essentially the G-spot for men. Track your erection noticing your arousal levels and heartbeat speed and when you get to ejaculating, stop and take a deep breath and rest. Let your arousal get a little less and then start again and repeat until you can’t take it anymore. This will build your self-control and help you in becoming a multi-orgasmic man.

These techniques for a double orgasm in men are really simple, but need you to really concentrate keep at it and in no time you will see major changes in your life and in your stamina.