how to make a girl cumIsn’t the squirting orgasm one of the most pleasurable orgasms any girl or woman would fancy? Though it lasts only for a few seconds, it definitely plunges one into a totally different world. The feeling is like no other. The squirting orgasm, through fingering, is arguably the most powerful feeling you can ever give a girl. If you fancy giving your girl that mind-blowing climax that squirting presents, you couldn’t be anywhere else. Keep your eyes glued to the screen and read this article.

The first step is to ensure you both get into a comfortable position. You will need to have your girl lying on her back with her head slightly tilted downwards. Her legs should be spread and a pillow should be placed beneath her buttocks. A good position is key because the G spot is responsible for her squirting. Failure to locate it will mean that you will not be able to get your finger to reach it. It is usually located up to three inches into the vagina. Ensure you employ a lot of foreplay to stimulate her to get into the mood. The more she gets aroused, the easier it will be for you to locate the G spot. Throughout the stimulation, a girl needs to be constantly wet. Lube can be used if and when necessary.

Secondly, you will need to insert your index finger. At this point, your palm should be facing up. If you are convinced that you did a great job at stimulating her, then you should be able to feel her G spot. The G spot tends to be flat when a woman is not aroused. When aroused, the G spot will have a wrinkled feel. Once you find it, start stimulating it with your finger, and as you proceed using a come hither motion with the help of your finger, you will realize the G spot beginning to swell- a great indication that you are on the right track. There is no specific time period within which such stimulation should last. It could be thirty minutes or even less.
It will be at this point that your girl will get the urge to pee. This is a positive sign that your skills are paying off. At the peak of this sensation, she could push out or release the fluid. Research indicates that urine is not part of what a woman ejaculates as she squirts. It is usually a whitish fluid, sometimes sweet. As a girl begins to squirt, one will realize her body shiver due to the intensity of the feeling. She should be allowed to savor the moment. The volume of squirt differs. Some women could produce a tablespoon while others, up to even a cup! What next? This technique can be repeated as many times as possible. Fortunately, women usually enjoy multiple squirting orgasms per session.

The fingering method for a squirting orgasm to any girl is undeniably an amazing experience. It is therefore advisable to use this method on a girl you totally love and care for, and not just on anybody. Did you enjoy this article? Hope you did. Now that you have learned, it’s time for you to apply this knowledge. Your love life will definitely soar!